Monday, May 23, 2011

Appealing and Meaningful Koi Tattoo Designs

Koi Tattoo Designs Appealing and Meaningful Koi Tattoo DesignsKoi tattoo designs are most fascinating tattoo patterns that are not only beautiful but also very meaningful. Classy in their design and positive in their symbolism, these Koi tattoos are hot favorites of many tattoo patrons.
Koi tattoo is one of the most colorful and beautiful tattoo designs. Equally popular among both genders, these Koi fish designs owe their origin to Japan where koi is associated with exceptional bravery. Since a koi fish has the ability to swim even against powerful upstream water currents, it is considered as a symbol of a new beginning by Japanese.
While many believe in this symbolism, there are others who opt for Koi tattoo because they feel it is a good sign that can ward off bad luck. There are several other meanings associated with Koi tattoo designs but there is one commonality in all the meanings and that is optimism. Some of the most common meanings often associated with koi tattoo designs are:
• Courage to brave all the challenges of life
• Determination and endurance even in critical situations.Koi Tattoo Designs1 Appealing and Meaningful Koi Tattoo Designs
• Good luck
• Independence and freedom.
• Strength to withstand the test of time
Koi tattoo designs are often inked in vibrant color tones and with attractive background themes. Though mostly done in colorful hues, koi design can also be inked in bolder shades of black. Yen Yang is one of the popular Koi designs that are inked in black and white shades. A combination of natural color schemes like white, red, black, yellow or gold is also preferred by many who want to give a touch of traditional style to their Koi tattoo.
However, one must consider skin tone before selecting the ink color for their design. For instance, it is always better for dark or olive skin to go for brighter and vibrant colors so that the design is visible. For Koi Tattoo Designs2 Appealing and Meaningful Koi Tattoo Designsyellow skin tone, golden, yellow and red are recommended. People with pinkish tone are luckier because they can experiment with different ink colors. Most of the color schemes integrate well with their skin tone.
Interesting background themes make a koi tattoo even more captivating. Usually a koi tattoo is depicted with splashing water. Some other complementary background themes can also be tried depending upon one’s preference.
Koi fish is often associated with honor and pride and hence this affects its positioning. Mostly, conservatives opt for hand, neck, forearm and the likes for a koi tattoo and non-conservatives go for navel, lower backs and even side of the neck and ankle.


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