Monday, May 23, 2011

Top Tattoo Places for Men and Women

Tattoo Places forWomen  Top Tattoo Places for Men and Women Deciding upon the right tattoo placement is an important part of tattooing. This article will reveal the top tattoo placements for men and women. So, if you are a tattoo enthusiast who wants to know about top tattoo places, then this article is the right guide for you.
Once decided to go for a tattoo, one of the difficult things to do next is to decide where to get it done. Apt tattoo placement is very important for any tattoo design. There are several tattoo places that are considered to be the best placement options. However, choices vary from individual to individual, depending upon personal preferences and tastes.
Just like there are some gender preferential differences in tattoo designs like fairy tattoo is mostly preferred by women and tiger or lion tattoo is often inked by men, similarly there are specific distinctions in selection of tattoo places as well.
Top 5 tattoo places for Women
Tattoo Places for Women  Top Tattoo Places for Men and Women Foot: It is one of the favorite spots of women who wish to adorn their feet with enchanting tattoo designs. There are several patterns that look amazingly beautiful when aptly inked on foot.
Ankle Tatoo Top Tattoo Places for Men and Women Ankle: Ankles are also sexy places to have a tattoo. Often ankle tattoos depict small and smooth line patterns that go well with the flow of the ankle.
Lower back: Amongst all the tattoo places, lower back is the most popular tattoo placements. Lower back Top Tattoo Places for Men and Women Nearly 20% of women who wear a tattoo have a tattoo on their lower back. A lower back tattoo is highly preferred choice of women because it tends to add sensuous appeal to the person posing it.
Hip Tattoos Top Tattoo Places for Men and Women Hip: Hip portion is considered to be amongst the hottest tattoo places for women, especially for those who love flaunting this body art while wearing bikini or low rider jeans.Navel tattoo  Top Tattoo Places for Men and Women
Navel: With the increased popularity of belly button ring and short cut off shirts, navel has become a popular spot to flaunt tattoo designs. Navel tattoos are best ornaments that make a woman look sexier and grab maximum attention.
Top 3 Tattoo places for Men
Men Back1 Top Tattoo Places for Men and Women Back -It is a great tattoo place that is highly preferred by male tattoo enthusiasts. It acts as a large canvass that allows the wearer to go for detailed and elaborate tattoo patterns that are very captivating.
Men Arm Top Tattoo Places for Men and Women Arm -Whether it is the bicep, forearm or shoulder, men like to display their tattoo patterns on their arms. It’s a favorite spot of many men who aim to flaunt their masculine beauty through tattoos.
Men Chest 300x180 Top Tattoo Places for Men and Women Chest- Men opting for chest tattoos tend to do this because it makes their tattoo image look larger. It’s also a perfect tattoo place for a memorial tattoo because it’s close to heart.
Tattoo for Men Top Tattoo Places for Men and Women Apart from the above mentioned tattoo places that are popular among men and women there are also some other tattoo places that are often used for portraying tattoo patterns. They include wrists, fingers, neck, thighs and other parts as per the choice of the wearer.


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