Wednesday, May 18, 2011

Scorpion Tattoo

When it comes for any tattoo to be imprinted on one’s body, a scorpion tattoo is what most of us prefer on the first instance of thought. The tradition of bearing a tattoo on a skin of any design that suits the eye of an individual is not new at all. Though the notion and the perspectives which are not known clearly for having a tattoo scribbled on any part of the body might change with time but its essence still holds strong and high. Different cool designs and patterns are still making a person go in utter curiosity for making it a passion than just a style statement.
Scorpion Tattoo1 Scorpion TattooA scorpion holds some real lethal venom which can even kill or paralyze a person. It is known worldwide for extreme courage while defeating or killing an opponent. Such traits are also been made to come alive trough a tattoo of this design. Many a times an individual wears a scorpion tattoo to make his intentions and motives gets clearly focused through a tattoo. Not only is the males but also there is a relatively high number of females showing their interest and honest fondness on such a tattoo design. The traits do have a realistic effect on the mind of a person who watches someone bearing such a tattoo mark on someone’s skin.
Scorpion Tattoo2 Scorpion TattooAlthough there is no specific place where one can go for placing a scorpion tattoo but still ladies prefer to make it more appealing on their hips, thighs, private parts, lower back and even on near the belly button. While the gents find it more realistic and fascinating when wearing it on their chest, arms, wrists, back of the neck, fist and even on the middle of their back. Often dark and bright colors are selected after the outline is made for such a tattoo design. Black, red and navy blue are the ones that mostly grab the attention of an individual for Scorpion Tattoo3 Scorpion Tattoofilling his tattoo pattern with realistic and lethal look.
If looked upon with a comparing eye as to which gender should bear this scorpion tattoo, what instantly comes in our mind is about the female category. This is because a scorpion is very poisonous and lethal with its bite and even women have a tendency of taking revenge very badly. Often it is read and heard that never take a curse of any woman but never for a man. So the teenage girls and ladies also tend to show their desires of lust and Scorpion Tattoo4 Scorpion Tattoopromiscuity through such a tattoo. These designs look really sexy and seductive when found on a strategically placed private part of a female at times to unravel their intentions by denying any trace of inhibitions. The deadly look of this insect has got its place on a skin of a male even.
But no matter how big or small the size of a scorpion tattoo can be on a skin, it always have got immense widespread popularity. Such a design is a dream for every professional who creates and practices this art. The tattoo lovers for this pattern are growing in numbers day by day with no hesitation to bear the pain while piercing their skin with the needle in wearing one such deadly design.


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