Monday, May 23, 2011

Girl Koi Fish Tattoo Design1  Presenting the All New Girl Koi Fish Tattoo Design
The world of tattoo is undergoing constant evolution and the new ideas for tattoo making are budding up. While many people prefer the generation next tattoo designs, yet there a lot who go for the conventional ones. While it was customary for the men to have tattoo, women too are breaking the taboo and going for new and bolder tattoo designs. Of all the tattoo forms the most fascinating ones are the designs of girl koi fish tattoo.
Girl Koi Fish Tattoo Design  Presenting the All New Girl Koi Fish Tattoo Design
The girl koi fish tattoo design has a charm of its own. Legends speak of miraculous koi fishes that travel and make their way upstream to transform themselves to dragons. While these are just folktales, but in real sense the koi fishes are known for their patience, perseverance and most importantly their longevity. This design redefines you and speaks of the purpose in life and to be calm and going in the times of adversity and jeopardy.
When selecting a girl koi fish tattoo design you must keep in mind that the tattoo should always face sideward as it adds more charm and fits well with respect to the contour of the body. The koi fish are available in a variety of colors and designs. Nature has made them in such a way that they are found in colors of yellow, orange, gold and some even shine like the jewels in the water. The most striking features of these fishes are that they become tame very soon. Girl Koi Fish Tattoo Design2  Presenting the All New Girl Koi Fish Tattoo DesignSome become tame to the extent that they feed directly from the hands of the keeper.
The girl koi fish tattoo design symbolizes the feminine strength, the strength to endure all odds. Many artists particularly the female ones have the koi fish tattooed on them for inspiration. The true inspiration comes from these fishes in the way they respond to the music around them and swim in a swinging manner to the tune.
The origin of the girl koi fish tattoo design still remains a mystery. While some proclaim it to be of the Chinese or the Japanese origin but evidences show them to be transcribed of the rock paintings of South East Asia, the Arabian origin as well as well as from the tracks of the Aral and the Caspian sea. The most common place to have this tattoo inscribed is on the back or on the shoulders.


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