Tuesday, May 17, 2011

Making Your Style Statement With Butterfly Tattoos

Butterfly Tattoos4 Making Your Style Statement With Butterfly TattoosButterfly tattoos have always captivated the tattoo lovers with their artistic look. With this tattoo form the artists have real freedom of applying their creativity to ink numerous designs of butterflies that make strong fashion statement. The butterfly tattoos with flower designs are the most cherished body art these days. Though they represent fragility of life, their colorful look has the power to turn heads when they are inked with attractive designs. The artists, who know the skill of adding aesthetically vibrant colors to the tattoos, can create real tattoos that are the trends of the day.
After flower tattoos, butterfly tattoos are probably the most popular form of skin art that women love to get inked with. Apart from its striking beauty, it is the meanings of this form of tattoos that have encouraged many people to Butterfly Tattoos3 Making Your Style Statement With Butterfly Tattooscreate various kinds of butterflies as their body art. In a broader sense, the butterflies represent good luck, happiness, freedom, beauty, prosperity and transformation. However, they have other significances as tattoo art in geographical location. For instance, two butterflies flying together symbolize love in Chinese culture. They also symbolize tenderness of life and feminine attitudes. Even, the meanings of the butterfly tattoos change with the change in the design and colors.
Butterfly tattoos, in any form, is always attractive and can be created in thousands of unique ways. Women love this tattoos design for they can be inked in almost any part of the body where tattoos are eye-catching. Normally, the butterflies are inked on back, neck, shoulders, abdomen and chest. Also they created on arm, ankle and upper back. When done by a professional artist with blending of colors and aesthetic looks, the butterfly tattoos can make your style statements.


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