Wednesday, May 18, 2011

Wrist Tattoos

Wrist Tattoos Wrist TattoosThere is no definite set of rules or any protocol followed while placing a tattoo on the skin of an individual. It can either on the chest, back, thighs, angles, neck, lower back, fist, private parts, belly button, waist line etc according to the whims and desires of the one who prefers to wear it on their body. But wrist tattoos still hold its essence as you do not have to peep into one’s body to see or enjoy the design. Also there is a lot a varieties available for such a design of tattoo on the wrist on any individual who loves to make a statement through such patterns and scribbling.
Wrist Tattoos1 Wrist TattoosIt is often seen and found that wrist tattoos have a little higher advantage for the smaller designs and patterns. Different cool and appealing designs like star, shark, scorpion, and skull shaped and name bearings are preferred to be scribbled or placed over the wrist and top the lists. This is because the smaller size of the tattoos if made to come alive on a skin looks good when placed on an area of relatively low space. The star shaped tattoos holds a higher degree of interest for the females mainly where they can go for a number of those rather than just one in different cool and shining colors. The skull tattoo is mainly for the boys or the male category as they have a tendency to make mischief and also at ties witty to be in their Wrist Tattoos2 Wrist Tattoosapproach of behavior.
While the shark and the scorpion designs are very much in demand for both male and female. Often in such a pattern they person feelings can be easily read and observed. As we all know both the shark and the scorpion is considered to be one of the most lethal species the same can be found in the traits of those who dares to wear it as wrist tattoos. Female have their inhibitions shred out while printing such a tattoo on them and boldly move out to make a statement. On the other hand, males too have a tendency Wrist Tattoos3 Wrist Tattoosto be very rough natured and short tempered and can make it come alive through such tattoo designs on their wrist.
But above all no matter what lies in the hidden desires and meanings that an individual tries to portray through such a design but wrist tattoos have always been in the list of demands. They look cool and exotic based on the color code which the designers and also the owner selects to serve an open realistic view to such an art. Its wide spread popularity knew no bounds when asked for a tattoo lover to have one on their wrists. This trendy and funky look also has made a mark in the style factor of many individuals who have a desire to look odd and still gain appreciation.


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