Monday, May 23, 2011

Daisy Tattoos

Daisy Tattoos Daisy TattoosThe tradition of having a tattoo strategically placed on an individual’s body part in bow looked upon more than just a style factor. There are different ranges of tattoo design that soothe the eyes and at times even make statements with direct impact on the mind through its design ion some special parts of the skin. Among the uncountable genres flowers and especially like the rose of daisy tattoos hold a unique place in the tattoo world. The reason behind such a vast appreciation and popularity hold in the simplicity of the texture that this flower bears in the color code and structure.
Daisy Tattoos1 Daisy TattoosDaisy tattoos are mainly and often see to have created insatiable curiosity amongst the female section of the society as compared to the males. Although girls and ladies of this era and generation are in no way lagging behind the men in any field of expertise but still there lies some traits which a female holds more in accurate than the gents. These traits or characteristic features of a human behavior are emotion, shy, softness and simplicity. Such delicacy can be found more realistic and cool when it takes in the shape of a tattoo for a girl.
Daisy Tattoos2 Daisy TattoosThere is no certain proper hard and fast rule as to where one can have a tattoo scribbled or placed. This is because it is just a way we try to feel good with the various colors designs and pattern of a tattoo art. Same is the case when it comes for the daisy tattoos. It is just the feel good factor one has in mind before placing one on their body so they tend to have it on any place of their body where according to them holds the best to make a statement and also look exotic. Such a place basically for a girl, lady or an elderly woman can be on the lower back, neck, shoulder, wrist, fist, angle, thighs, private parts or Daisy Tattoos3 Daisy Tattooseven on the belly button.
Expressions are decoded and deciphered using such daisy tattoos. Soft and touching nature of a woman can easily be portrayed and revealed if an individual carefully observes on the patterns of such a tattoo design. The petals of the daisy flower can be made look more realistic and prominent with sharp edges filled with exotic and bright colors. These can make one get to the feeling of creativity if she has a desire to make a statement of her behavior and attitude with honest true sense. It is not that they can have just one of this daisy imprinted on them but can go for a bunch of the same to attract the attention of the people passing by. She can be the cynosure for a moment even which such cool and soft designs which have never faded with time and tide.


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