Monday, May 23, 2011

What Does The Flower Tattoo Signify

Tattooing has come a long way from the ancient cultures of the world. A few years back, it was meant to be just a symbol of masochism in sailors and soldiers and some of the youth. But gradually, tattooing has come to be a fashion statement. People love to tattoo their bodies in various designs. Flower tattoo is a favorite with girls. Although there are various kinds of flowers, but rose is the most popular being placed in every part of the body. Flowers have always been symbols of love which have been used in religious offerings and also been offered to our loved ones to symbolize affection.
People choose tattoo designs to express their own personality and tattoo artists are realizing this by sketching tattoos depicting the emotions of a Flower Tattoo1 What Does The Flower Tattoo Signify?person. When an artist inks a flower tattoo, he makes it of various shapes and designs to suit the individual needs of the person. These tattoos might also be used in combination with other tattoo designs like angels, butterflies or hearts. A vine made of orchids and roses will look fantastic as an arm tattoo. Generally flower tattoos look great if made in the Celtic pattern or the tribal style. Colors look more impressionable but black ones look good if made very creatively.
Among the various types of flowers, the major ones have a special story of their own.
Rose – Roses have always been very eloquent with feelings. The different colors symbolize various meanings. White depicts sanctity and purity while yellow signifies the negative side of love. Red roses are the favorite for showing love and passion.
Lily – The types of lily speak in different languages. The calla lily depicts modesty while the tiger lily gives an invitation of love. Purity is shown by the water lily whereas the yellow color symbolizes a flirtatious nature.
Flower Tattoo2 What Does The Flower Tattoo Signify?Hibiscus – This beautiful flower tattoo depicts delicate beauty.
Lotus – Found mainly in India, this tattoo is famous for showing estranged love. It also signifies peace, goodness and beauty.
Daisy – Innocence is the message sent by this kind of flower tattoo. The colored ones show beauty and the Michaelmas daisy depicts saying goodbye.
Daffodil – These tattoos speak of deceit and unrequited love but they also speak of hope sometimes.
Sunflower – This attractive tattoo depicts the fervor with which we love our beloved. It shows the divine following of the sunflower according to the progress of the sun.
There are as many flowers as the interpretations. Whatever be the flower tattoo design, people will love to make it a part of their body. Displaying these tattoos can help you become the style icon in your own world.


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