Sunday, May 1, 2011

Feminine Tattoo: Signifying a Delicate Woman

Feminine Tattoos4 Feminine Tattoo: Signifying a Delicate WomanFeminine tattoos have surfaced over the years as an exciting form of body art. Although it was considered taboo in the olden times for women to have tattoos on their bodies, this form of extreme thinking has slowly been transformed and nowadays women can have all sorts of tattoos all over their body and they sport it quite openly. Tattooing has become very famous among the women because of various celebrities showing off their tattoos in public. These tattoos certainly enhance their popularity and also make many young women desire to have these very tattoos on their bodies.
Feminine tattoos are very delicate looking. Since women are typically Feminine Tattoos1 Feminine Tattoo: Signifying a Delicate Womansoft and fragile, their tattoos too are generally very delicate too. Flowers and butterflies have always been the favorite tattoos among the women. But some women prefer to impress people with their power by sporting tattoos which are bold and mostly used on men. But at the same time, it is also true that women look pretty with feminine tattoos only and it emphasizes their natural beauty. There are many such tattoos which are inked only on women and which characterize the soft Feminine Tattoos2 Feminine Tattoo: Signifying a Delicate Womanpersonality of a woman.
Flower tattoos are typical feminine tattoos and it is these flowers which aptly describe the beauty of a woman. There are many kinds of flowers which a woman can use to decorate her body through tattoos. It is also normal to use tendrils and leaves to accentuate the attractiveness of the tattoo. These flowers also have many meanings attached to them. Each flower has its own story to tell and it can also be used to describe the character of a woman. Rose is a lovely flower which always embodies love and passion. Similarly, lilies reflect purity of heart and lotus Feminine Tattoos3 Feminine Tattoo: Signifying a Delicate Womantattoo shows spirituality.
Butterfly tattoos are another form of very famous feminine tattoos. They can be inked in any size and denote the beauty and delicate nature of a woman. They are usually made on the ankle or shoulder. You can also combine other tattoos with this design to enhance the look of a woman. Every butterfly tattoo also has a meaning attached to it. In most cases, they are considered to be a symbol of transformation and rebirth because of the way you get a butterfly from a caterpillar. The butterflies also embody freedom. Besides the butterfly, there are also fairy tattoos, heart tattoos and dolphin tattoos which are feminine in the true way.


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